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Loans for Business

At The International Baker, all we do is provide Loans For Business.

Loans for Business Approved

All of you may already know there is a fantastic way of obtaining small business loans, but all the paperwork must be done via your local Bank. This is time-consuming, months of paperwork and most of the time, not many satisfactory results. Here is a video that could help you.

No matter who you are or what you do in life, chances are, you are here because either you or your company are facing difficult financial times.

If you are in that situation now, You Need Support Now. Most likely, we would be able to help. In order to help you, we need to understand your situation, so we could evaluate and propose to your situation different alternatives as a solution for your deal.

Every case is different, you could be thinking about a specific program, however, after you feed us with your information, we could come up with the best solution there is for you. Remember, any decision that you may take in a rush, it’s not always your best deal. We will feed you with lots of information, so you could take an educated decision, which is always your best bet!

No matter if you are starting a new business ( a good idea could help you start your business) or if you have already been in business for so many years, we have a program for everyone.

On both scenarios (a new start-up business or an already mature one) the business could be interested on a Business Loan, for working capital, to acquire new equipment, to refresh the warehouse, you name it.

The International Banker is here to help you, our business is to provide you with the working capital you require to grow, assist your business, inverst on you when others  may reject your projects.

How many times have you gone to a local Bank to obtain a loan for business and receive a

Sorry, we can’t help you today

Yes, you have been in business with them for so long, but all they can do for you is keep your money on their checking account, offer you credit card merchant accounts (with high cost), but other than that, they do not help you. So your business relation with your bank its only one way, from you to them, you deposit your funds and they give you little or nothing.

But remember, we are here to fix that situation, we will help you on different ways.

Who runs your Loan for Business Application?

All we need is that you Send us an eMail with a completed Loan Application and a Soft Credit Report obtained via
The International Banker takes your loan for business application along with your soft credit report,(Please note that soft credit report does not affect your credit at all, only provides complete information, which could be used to pre-approve a business loan) reviews the information internally with our own underwriters. Then we come up with an ideal loan program for your business.
With the complete information of your business, soft credit report and business loan amount, we could go to the specific lenders that may be interested in providing such a loan.
After we present you with the solution and receive your approval to continue, then and only then, we will run the actual credit report, to comfirm all the information previouly obtained with the soft credit report. This process is clear, 99% of the time, when steps are followed, business loans are approved. Regularly, within 24 to 48 hours we will provide a written approval to the client.
Approvals range from $20k to $200k and if there are any conditions/stipulations that need to be met, we will outline them out.  We could always assist you clarifying any stipulations.
Once a file goes into contract and we begin the funding process, it will take 20 to 30 days
to complete the loan and arrange for transfers for the client.

You shall lose no time and fill out our Business Loan Application Today!

Loans for Business Approved

We offer different methods of Loans for Business as a Financial Option

As an alternative, we offer MERCHANT (CREDIT CARD) PROCESSING

  • Visa/MC/Amex/Disc Acceptance
  • Gift & Loyalty Card
  • MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order)
  • Shopping Carts/Virtual Terminals
  • High Risk Accounts
  • Equipment Leasing
  • ACH Check Processing

If you have come this far, you shall loose no time and fill out our Business Loan Application Today!/. If you have any questions, Send us an eMail.